Long time for simulations

Simulation client running on x64 ubuntu system with 36 VCPUS and 60 GB of RAM running on SSDs. I am attempting to run about 5.5 mil simulation, however it seems to be going no faster than my quad core laptop and it will take over 2100 hrs. Whats going on and how can i get these simulations done faster.

With machines that have a large number of cores, you will get better throughput by running multiple clients with less cores assigned to each. For example, try running 4 9-core clients, or 6 6-core clients. (To run more than one client, simply copy the AskMrRobotClient folder to another folder – you can’t open it multiple times from the same location. If you set up one client then exit, when you copy, it will copy your settings.json file which will have all your configuration options, so you won’t need to log in or configure each one individually.)