Lower Item Level Version Is Better?

BiB is telling me to replace my 900 crafted legs with an 870 version why? Is it because my Crit and/or Haste are too high? I don’t understand…

For an iL870 Stat. ‘spend’ to outscore an iL900, the 900 must have much less optimal secondaries compared to the 870 - if the two items have the same stat.'s & in the same proportion, the 900 will always be better… I get the impression that primary stat’s - while not of major importance to all classes (re; older versions of AMR optimiser) - they still play a part in what’s shown (or not) on the stat. graphs we get in this iteration of the optimiser.

That said, the current iteration has way more ‘give’ in what’s good/bad, so it may well be a case of, “What stat’s does each have, how much of each & are they worth having in the first place?”

Also, the modifiers on crafted gear get to throw spanners/wrenches in the works with new patches, so @yellowfive may already be on the case with ‘curing’ it, if that’s at play.

It’s this bit, the modifiers on the base item change for each higher version and then there are more for socket or tertiary stats. This is tripping the optimiser up.

@daemon9 you spotted it already so you can just do a human based sanity check on simple things like that. Hopefully the bonus id’s will get sorted out when they’re back from their holiday.

Could this be an instance of this issue: Item Problem in BiB

edit: assuming that it is, check the other thread for status