Macabre Sheet Music value on casters

Recently AMR has been recommending me to use the Macabre Sheet Music trinket on my Boomkin. Looking at the simulator wiki, it seems that currently AMR assumes one can always get the full value from the trinket at 0 movement cost. In practice, having used it for a few days now, I can’t say that I agree with this – I usually need 2-3s of movement to collect all 4 stacking buffs, and fitting this in the rotation is kind of awkward most of the time.

I don’t really have a good suggestion on how to better represent that trinket’s value, but I think some kind of penalty should be applied on its current value. Either actually modeling movement, or inserting some randomness in how many buffs get collected on each use maybe (at least for casters, for melee and some ranged like hunters I imagine it’s much easier to get full value). What do you think?

When I tested it on beta, they spawned quite close to the player over a period of time, and you also don’t have to pick them up instantly, so with attentive play you can minimize the impact that the movement has on your rotation.

That said, it certainly does require some extra effort compared to most trinkets, and some situations could make it difficult to get full value.

In cases like this, we usually rank the item at its full potential. If you are finding that it’s difficult to reach that in practice, go into the customization options and reduce its value to something that seems appropriate, e.g. 0.75 to drop the value of the proc by 25%.

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