Mage Conduit Respec


Good afternoon, for this setup, the three different mage specs (Fire/Frost/Arcane) are all using Niya with the different conduits. If I disable the “Allow conduit respec?” option, it keeps Niya with the fire conduits for all specs. Is this because the non-conduit powers in Niya are that OP for all mage specs?

My take on the whole Soulbind system is that there is one each ‘intended’ for Tanking, Healing & Damage (Ranged or Melee)… as all Mages are Damage Dealers, it make sense to me that one Soulbind would be optimal for all three spec’s.

I’ll dig into it… I don’t know why a different soulbind isn’t being picked for the frost and arcane sets. It definitely should.

EDIT: I take that back… your conduits are very low level and you don’t have the entire soulbind trees unlocked, so it really is better to just use niya even without conduits against a single target. Once you upgrade the conduits a bit more (or if you looked at a multi-target strategy) it would swap soulbinds to get spec-specific conduits.