MM hunter Deadly aim point % wrong

AMR says with 4 points as I have it should be 13%, this is wrong, it HAS been nerfed, The true setting for this is 6.5%. Makes a huge change in plans to put a 44th trait in according to your site. Thought you should know

The tooltips come from wowdb… looks like maybe it needs to be updated. The simulator has it implemented as the spell data has it, which is 2.5% per point. Was it changed recently, in the last few days?

It was one of the " we are not telling anyone " patch days been this way a few weeks. Noticeable in play style. AS hits like a bag of wet noodles. Just wanted you guys to know…

Yeah looks like they changed it from 3/6/10/13… to half that: 1.5/3/5/6.5…

Weird that they would do that with no official notes. But so it is.

I am finding that many of the crit damage multipliers in the game have conflicting spell data and tooltips. I’ve been testing as many of them as I can, but this one is really hard to test because of the built in range on aimed shot damage.