Mr. Robot still values Shards/ Shard Set Bonus not correct in BIS

Snapshot: 0d49fd8b367f4abbb7b393379ed286b4

Postet same issue a week ago.
When i use BIS he will give me the 3 dmg Shards, but trys not to go get the Shard Set Bonus wich is very powerfull on its highest rank (when all 3 shards at rank5)

When i manually give me the set bonus and sim it, it will do 900dps more (8100 dps) compared to what Mr. Robot says is BIS (only 3 dmg Shards, no set - 7200 dps)
Furthermore will the Set procc Tooltipp refere to the lowest rank of the set Bonus wich is 300 main statt lower than the high rank set bonus (read wowhead articel about Shard Set Bonus ranks) so i assume Mr. Robot uses not the correct amount of Prime stat when Shard Set Bonus Proccs.

We have another update to do with some more strategy tweaks. In particular the scaling shard bonuses still need some work – I couldn’t even find the scaling information for Blood Link in the spell data or by testing on the PTR, so I had to take a guess at it.

The simulator should be simulating the shard bonuses properly at the different levels. I don’t think the spell tooltips will scale (and I probably won’t bother with that), but it does use the correct level in the simulator. You can verify this by turning on Log output level and looking where it procs, it shows e.g. how much primary stat Chaos Bane gives each time it stacks or is triggered.

Ok, thank you, aprecciate it. This system is way to complicated as is shoud be for valuing the shards / Set bonus vor normal people. Thanks again for your hard work, keep it going :slight_smile: