Multiple onyx annulet possibe in BIB?

I have two Onyx Annulets on my character with single- and multitarget setups. Whenever I do Best in bags, I uses the best ring for my first setup for all setups.

For Example when I have my m+ setup on prio 1 and Raid ST as prio 2 it uses storm infused stone for both setups. (19cb35b7da5b40419ccb8438eedf573c)

if I have Raid ST prio 1 and m+ prio 2 both setups use Freezing ice stone. (b15a830b28a64455b3990a06ce906d0e)

any way to fix this? so both setups use the correct ring?

The short answer would be to lock the relevant Rings to their setup… but @yellowfive &/or @Swol may have better advice/methods.

This is on my list to fix with next week’s update (pretty buried with 10.1 so won’t get another site update before then).

The issue is that the addon isn’t reading multiple copies of already-socketed stones. So it thinks you only have e.g. one desirous blood stone.

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