Multiple Search terms in Best in slot filters (and others)

Hello, I would like to know if you can search for multiple terms in the filters

Like i made sure there is only LFR (+WB), Benthic, Crafted and WQ items in the Best in slot optimizer (i’m a casul)

But when i click a specific slot to search the alternatives, there is already the problem of having EVERYTHING from LFR to Mythic when i specifically chose what i described above

I would like to be able to (If you don’t remove all the items from the list to what i specified) , to put in the search filter something like “Benthic ; Raid Finder ; World Boss ; Crafted” or somezthing like that to get exactly those items

Is it possible ? Is it possible to implement ? is it already there but i’m stupid ?


No, not exactly. The ranked list includes all items - you can filter it to a specific type of item - like only LFR. You can also set a max item level.

We haven’t implemented the “or” functionality in the filter field - right now it only does “and”. That is something we could possibly add to it, though.