Need some basic guidance on BiB function

Theres something I can’t quite work out how to do, heres an example.:
My MH weapon is socketed/enchanted.
I loot a new MH weapon, that doesnt have a socket. However I have enough mementos to potentially ADD a socket to it if i wanted to. How to I use AMR to determine whether it’s wise to do that, either by simulating adding a socket to that new item, or i guess simulating the original MH weapon with no gem in it.

Can’t see how that’s done, any advice?

Nevermind worked out a way. Put my original weapon in the bank, omitting it from consideration, then used the upgrade finder to compare the non-socketed version (which it wouldnt let me do before since i owned a socketed one)

If you want to run an actual simulation, you can modify any item to add a socket to it, just FYI. Click on the arrow/carrot next to the item and then you can modify it.