Netherlight Crucible

We have added an early version of support for the upcoming Netherlight Crucible! Consider this a beta – let us know if anything isn’t working!

You can manually modify your character on the Gear Optimizer or Simulator to have any combination of crucible powers, look for the new “Crucible” section under the Artifact section on the Simulator page, and the Crucible section underneath Talents in the character editor (click the “hamburger” next to your character name) on the Gear Optimizer.

All tier 2 crucible powers have been implemented in the simulator. It’s possible that the damage may need to be tweaked on some of them… we suspect it will be changed from what was on PTR, though hard to say for certain. Also, we are double-checking that a few traits scale properly to 10 ranks now. Most should be fine as-is.

Future updates will add:

  • Reading your crucible information from the game via our addon
  • Reading your crucible information from the Armory
  • Optimization of previewed relics via best-in-bags: which crucible talents to choose, whether you should replace your current relic or not, etc.

Just posted an update that fixes a couple small bugs with the first version:

  1. When using your own simulation client, it wasn’t applying the +5 ilvl crucible talents to your weapon.

  2. Sometimes the export to addon after best-in-bags would give an error. This was also crucible-related behind the scenes (even if you didn’t pick any crucible talents), and is fixed now.

Not sure if here is the right place to mention it, but I remember seeing somewhere about the customisation that is offered by the NC within the site having to be done manually - is there any news on when the add-on strings will fix in the customisation, on the site, permanently?

EDIT - found it: Where is Relic Support? - #6 by Swol