New conduit with incorrect stats for live - condensed anima sphere

New in 9.1 conduit, condensed anima sphere, ilvl 200
AMR thinks it gives 2% health
game thinks it gives 0.35% health


Seems to be an issue with the tooltip. The simulator and optimizer are using the correct value though, I’ll see why that tooltip didn’t parse correctly.

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If it is being simulated properly, why does Mr. Robot think it’s worth using?

For my ilvl 223 character, who has ~42K health with buffs, the effect works out to 14 hps best case - sheer garbage.

Depends on what you are comparing it to. If you post a snapshot id (use the help link above the gear table), we can take a look.

Yesterday, it recommended it for both my Restoration Shaman and my Protection Paladin. It definitely caught my attention, and I figured it was using 2% instead of 0.35%.

I can’t reproduce it today, though, so either a problem was fixed or my setup was messed up somehow.

Sorry for the false alarm. If I see it again, I’ll post a snapshot.