New Moon simulation not correct with Radiant Moonlight

The cast time of the extra Full Moon granted by the legendary item Radiant Moonlight is not calculated correctly. The newmooncontrollerbuff increments to 3, which makes the cast time of the second Full Moon (fourth spell in the rotation) 4/(1+haste) instead of 3/(1+haste). Since the newmooncontrollerbuff caps at 3, the damage and resources applied are correct.

To be a truly constructive post, I would offer a solution, but I couldn’t come up with anything elegant. Ideally you would want to decrement the newmooncontrollerbuff by 1 when it reaches 3 and you have the radiantmoonlightbuff, but I don’t know if it’s possible to decrement. If you consumed the buff, you would have to add 2 stacks back, just to be consumed the next time around. That sounds messy.

Thanks for the post. I was able to fix it pretty cleanly by checking the controller buff stack in the cast time formula to see if it was already at 3. This formula should work:
Min((BuffStack(NewMoonControllerBuff) + 1), 3) / (1 + TotalHaste)

The fix will show up in an update soon - we’re doing updates pretty often here as we get these new gearing strategies calculated.

Another thing that came up is that the extra Full Moon in the simulation is given the 15 second cooldown when it should have no cooldown. Are you allowed to put a formula like this as a cooldown?

Min(3 - BuffStack(NewMoonControllerBuff), 1) * 15

This way when the buff stacks for the third time (before the fourth spell), the cooldown will be 0.

I just got this legendary and it’s making me astral power and/or empowerment capped. I’ve been trying to use the simulator to figure out how best to deal with this, but the simulator hasn’t been having the same problems I have! It also hasn’t been matching my DPS because its New Moon cycle is slower. Thanks for the taking the time to look into these issues.

Edit: Thinking through this further, when the buff gets to 3, my solution will probably immediately reset all three charges, which obviously wouldn’t work.

I tested this item out since I hadn’t heard about that behavior before and I found that you actually end up getting even more than one charge…

It gives you a charge when the cast completes and it also doesn’t consume the charge for the cast. So I am able to do the following:

With 1 charge right at cast start: cast Full Moon, Full Moon, New Moon. That seems likely to be a bug, but I’ll implement it as such for now.

You’re right. I hadn’t noticed that the extra charge isn’t consumed. Casting all 4 spells within 15 seconds still leaves one charge. No wonder I was beating the simulation by so much. Thanks for taking the time to look into it.