Number of Missing Items

I am concerned over the number of items that are missing from AMR.
When I see an item available on a WQL I come to Mr Robot to see if it is an upgrade.
I cannot believe the number of times the item is not there or if it is there is not one of the correct ilvl.
I will just put one item up to start with as maybe I am doing something wrong.
Dominance Guards Band ilvl 194, when I search nothing comes up.

A number of these world quest items don’t show up clearly in the item data that we can get from the game. If you have an item in-game that we do not have in our item database, the best thing you could do is post your export string from the addon and let us know which items they are. Then we can go in and try to manually add them as we run into them.

Most (all?) of these items, if you actually get it we’ll show it and rank it appropriately. Our standard lists of items that you can choose from don’t have every item though.

Typically we tend to skip world quest and adventure items because it’s pretty random which you can get – it’s hard to specifically “target” these items when you’re playing. You either get them or you don’t. And they tend to come from activities that don’t take long to complete, so when in doubt… just do the activity, get the item, see how it ranks.

That said, we’ll see if we can add some more of them to the list for people to play around with them.

Ok the last post has been from Feb 16… now it’s March 24. Any world quest item i check it’s only the basic first level available to pick up… No upgrades to consider… And there are so many choices but can’t use your sims because of that :frowning: