Only 1 Legion legendaty

Before the WoA update I was able to sonfig the BiB tool to recommend a setup with only 1 Legion legendary for my alts, but I cannot find that option now.

The new site is only set up for 120 characters. Legendary items from legion are just treated as stat sticks.

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Thanks for the reply.
I am sorry but I don’t really understand the reply. What I mean is that my alt did not obtain the perk in Legion to equip 2 legion legendaries at the same time, but the Best In Bags tool recommends me to equip 2 legion legendaries at the same time, which my char cannot do.
I want to know how to tell the BiB tool to make recommendations knowing that only 1 legion legendary can be equipped.

I guess there is no setting like that. But this problem will fix itself while you’re leveling towards 120 and find better gear from quest rewards / dungeons.

Yeah, we didn’t bother with that setting for bfa because the legendary items are irrelevant at level 120. The optimizer is only designed for max level characters.