Open World Simulation

I use test combinations from time to time to determine best talent combinations and want to know what I should pick for the following areas:

Script (Grong, Taloc, Zul, Mythic +, Single Target, Target Dummy - DPS, Target Dummy - Ranged)
Rotation Level (Optimized, Base)

Again, I primarily play open world but do Warfronts, Island Expeditions, sometimes Mythic +, maybe a RAID usually LFR. I want to use the Simulation - Test Combinations to pick good talents, enchants, etc for that type of game play. Any suggestions on how to set up the Simulation as well as the Optimization of AMR would be greatly appreciated on my part. Thank you for your time and assistance.

With the content you are doing, I would suggest just using the mythic+ script (multi-target strategy in our pre-simulated data). The only single target damage you are doing that takes a longer time is LFR raids, which you don’t need to be heavily optimized for from a gear perspective. Mythic+ is going to be your most challenging content. Warfront and expeditions will benefit from the generally multi-target nature of that script.

So when optimizing, use the multi-target strategy from the picker. When simulating, use the mythic+ script!

Ok, I will give that a run thanks for the response. Thanks for making such a great tool.