Optimization falsely choosing DPS spec legendary

Class: Paladin
Spec: Protection

Hey there, when doing the Best in Bags optimization it chooses a Retribution specific legendary although I’d like to optimize for Protection.

I tried to increase the weights of a Protection specific legendary, but that seems to be ignored.

I also cannot find the chosen legendary in the customization part of the Best in Bag optimization.

Top: It chooses Retribution legendary “Tempest of the Lightbringer”…

Bottom left: …although explicitly increasing the weight of Protection legendary “Bullwark of the Righteous Fury”.

Bottom right: “Tempest of the Lightbringer” not in Customization list to set weight to 0.

snapshot: 8e6fc3a3a9f94431b07414005c427be2

My brief appraisal leads me to think the socket on the Waist is the key to the answer…

I think what’s going on is that protection legendary is mainly a damage-increasing legendary. If you change your strategy to move the toughness slider to DPS, it picks it. When you move it towards toughness, the value of DPS is reduced enough that it’s going for the extra versatility socket.

In this particular case, you could just lock in the legendary if that’s the one you want to use with a more toughness-oriented strategy. That would be a better way to customize the result.

Thanks a lot! That helped :slight_smile:
Funny though, the tempest legy (as a retribution specific legy) is even an option for the optimizer to pick.

Yeah, you don’t have any other defense-oriented legendary powers, so it is choosing it purely for the stats. You have several haste/mastery items, but that one has the socket which pushes it over the edge.

The optimizer is pretty good at finding these “non-obvious” solutions that most people wouldn’t think to try out.