Outlaw rogue N/H Nathria BiS suggests dagger for OH. Does not for Mythic BiS

No M+ ilvl selected, just Nathria drops.

Does this for myself, and any other Outlaw rogue I plug in. Using the Generic character shows M+ dungeon drops, even when M+ is deselected as an option to look for drops in.

The weapons are really close - different starting conditions/filters can lead to slightly different suggestions. It doesn’t matter what type of off hand you use as an outlaw rogue, from a type/speed perspective.

The generic character already has a few M+ items equipped by default. Those will be included in any BiS list regardless of the filters.

I guess it’s just odd because Outlaw can’t normally get daggers as drops, but the tokens from Nathria (and PvP weapon vendor) make it possible.