Pawn changes with new Ranking feature?

Hi there — yet another Pawn thread!

I know there has been extensive discussion of why the Pawn weights are what they are in AMR. I’m largely on board with all of that, the deficiencies of linear evaluation, etc etc.

However, with the new addition of Preferred Azerite and Preferred Stat to customize your gear rankings, I noticed that these don’t seem to have an effect on the Pawn ratings for each stat (or if they have, I’ve missed it…). For example, on my Protection Paladin, customizing my preferred stat to Haste seems to still result in a very low stat weighting for Haste in the Pawn output, whereas I would expect it would cause this string to weigh it more highly relative to other stats.

Is this an oversight? Deliberate? Or am I dense have just not noticed that it is, in fact, updating based on my choices?

For example, with Haste prioritized on my gear, I’m still getting this as a Pawn string:

( Pawn: v1: “Jury - Protection”: Class=Paladin, Spec=Protection, Armor=18.96, Avoidance=0.02, CritRating=41.26, HasteRating=31.04, Indestructible=0.01, Leech=57.70, MasteryRating=79.93, MaxDamage=29.87, MinDamage=29.87, MovementSpeed=0.01, Stamina=26.47, Strength=35.04, Versatility=58.03 )

We haven’t made the customization preferences affect the pawn strings yet. Haven’t really thought about it yet, honestly. We could probably do something that just bumps it up slightly above the next highest stat.

I’d find that super helpful. It would help at least making off-the-cuff determinations of gear, particularly when trying to trade things at the end of dungeon with friends but prior to simming.