Perfect Dreamgrove Blossom ilevel 59?

My first post.

Having a hard time understanding how an ilevel 59 from Legion can be better then Satchel of Misbegotten Minions ileve98 from Shadowlands, specifically when the tool tip states “Only works in Broken Isles and Argus”.

I would have thought the added " Equip: [Your damaging spells have a chance to draw a minion from the satchel, sending it running at your target where it explodes, dealing 1054 Shadow damage split between all nearby enemies. Damage is increased for each enemy struck, up to 5 enemies.]" would help more then losing 7 int.

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This is just a quirk caused by the optimiser being designed for max level characters, below that you’ll get the occasional odd result.
Really for levelling it’s mostly pointless using BiB for it, just use your highest ilvl pieces for each slot as long as it’s for the spec you’re playing. By that I mean don’t use a higher agility staff for balance or restoration, one you get to L60 it will work better. Having said that you’ll still want to use your highest ilvl pieces for a while as a fresh 60’s ilvl will be under what the optimiser is designed around.

I’ll also suggest always keeping your highest ilvl main hand and off hand items, I say this as a friend just got a higher main hand weapon but had no off hand to go with it so his old staff was still better. :wink:
That’s just something to keep in mind when you’re playing a caster.

The optimizer will be a good enough suggestion when you aren’t max level, but the margin of error is higher than when run on max-level characters with level-appropriate gear for end-game content.

In this case, there really isn’t a whole lot of difference between those two trinkets – they will perform similarly in-game. The 24 haste on the lower ilvl trinket is probably about the same value as the proc.

There’s also a bit of a quirk with how Blizzard scaled items this expansion – lower ilvl items have a relatively larger budget for secondary stats like crit, haste, mastery, and vers.