Plans for Corrupted Gear

I was just wondering what your plans are heading into 8.3 and how you are planning on handling corruption.

Any plans for a slider to specify how much corruption you are willing to work with?

Will the customizer allow us to rank the priority of different corruption effects?

Will the best in bags know when to remove the corruption from a piece of gear?

AMR’s team probably have some thinking into it and probably waiting to not have to redo everything with a suprise patch note.

Personnaly, i wonder if we could see the death % chance in the simulator :thinking:
Tanks have it, DPS could have it but the two simulator probably are not the same.
It could help represent with a diagram like they do from time to time, with the corruption limit for a player ?

Personnaly i would love some kind of “breaking point” found by amr for each spec/class/races. I think i’ve seen some “movement” spell around maybe continue the work in this direction to see if AMR can handle mouvement in fight ?

We’re going to be working a lot on the 8.3 stuff soon…

Ideally we could incorporate the corruption downsides into the simulations… but I’m not sure how we’d introduce a movement event into the script based on your gear… We’d have to write more code for that. We’ll probably do it, but might have to wait until after initial 8.3 implementations.


Checking in on this topic, specifically for the last question. Will BiB recommend when to cleanse a piece? I didn’t see that in any of the blog or announcements, but maybe I missed something.

I’m still giving some thought to features around recommending when or when not to cleanse an item… it’s pretty tricky. Some items are rather easy (e.g. if you are a DPSer and get a corrupted item with leech on it). But most… it’s tough to say whether you’d want to hang on to that item for another build, etc.

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