Please stop AMR from automatically changing my soulbinds!

I’d like to start with a heartfelt thank you for the awesome add-on and website. Been using AMR for a long long time, I’d feel seriously handicapped in my favorite game without it. Fantastic work, I’m genuinely grateful.

Now the (minor I hope) issue. I’ve seen several other people reference it, it’s a known thing. AMR automatically changes my soulbinds - and I really need it to stop doing that! The solution I’ve read elsewhere is to disable the option in the AMR ingame addon, tell it not to change talents - and yes, that works… except I lose a valuable feature. I WANT AMR to change my talents, just please leave my soulbinds alone. Or give me some option, some control.

On 3-4 different toons, I have 3 specs. On druid I have 4. In AMR, I have been accustomed to creating more than one talent and gear set for each spec. When I change AMR gear sets, I want and need it to change talents as well. For instance, on my Lock I currently have 3 different Affliction sets, 2 Destro setups, and one Demon. Each one calls for different talents and different gear, Legendaries, etc. - and AMR handles it all flawlessly, thanks very much - except one thing.

If I enable AMR to change my talents, it inevitably changes my soulbind to one I have set up and assigned to a different spec.Frustrating.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

When you look at your BiB, it should be changing to whatever the soulbind is that goes with that setup. I’m not sure why it would pick a different one… Can you post a snapshot for a character where the soulbind is changing to something else?

I have a similar issue with OP. I want to know where does AMR get its “idea” of what best for soulbinds. It must get it from somewhere if it changes to something else. For a minute i thought i was going crazy. Here is mine though, b9988135eb6741cd9c1903952d3459c6


The optimizer will choose soulbinds and conduits that it thinks are best for you. You can always override it if you prefer something else though. Click anywhere on the row of icons at the top of the optimized solution to bring up a window with controls for customizing it.

If you have the option enabled in the addon to automatically change your talents/soulbind to match those seen in your setups on the website, simply make sure that the optimization result has the soulbind that you wish to use with that setup. Most people will let the optimizer choose this for them, but as mentioned above, you can lock in whatever soulbind you prefer. You can choose the entire soulbind tree path and conduits, or just choose the soulbind and let the optimizer choose the path and conduits, or anything in between.

From a ludicrous amount of simulation data, the same as all its gear recommendations.

If you think something is wrong with it’s suggestion verify with a simulation and post about it so it can be looked at and tweaked, if there’s something wrong.