Potential affliction optimizations

Was looking at my Warlock’s BiB, not entirely certain about the recommendations, potentially worth looking at: d1a669ab977545cfa25e296f4a76dc6c

  1. Is eternal stats going to be better than eternal insight?
  2. Is the pvp alacrity trinket going to be better than infinitely divisible ooze?
  3. It is recommending az’aqir as the legendary which I am most suspicious about, generally feels like demonic synergy is going to outperform.

Destro and demonology recommendations do seem a bit better, especially on multi target.

According to our simulations, the BiB setup will simulate for slightly more DPS.

Your setup


As far as the legendary - if you’re looking at the search on the upgrade finder - keep in mind that is in the context of having BiS gear from the first raid and mythic+. For your current character, we could try a couple of simulations to test:

Your gear adding az’aqir

Your gear adding demonic synergy

Not an exhaustive test by any means, but I think it shows that az’aqir seems to be the superior legendary.

In almost all cases - our optimizer picks what will simulate better. If you think the suggestions are wrong, we would have to look at the simulations themselves for something that is incorrect. If you find anything, let me know. I don’t see anything that looks off checking out those simulations.

Thanks – that’s pretty interesting, did not expect az’aqir to sim higher than synergy!