Potential missing item?

Heyas there, first time posting though I’ve used AMR for some time now. I’ve never really had an issue until now, but it’s a small thing, so I’ll put it here.

When looking for upgrades from m+, on my character Kharastraza EU fire mage Draenor, it’s not showing any upgraded versions of my aoe shoulders, Pauldrons of Vile Corruption (Underrot, last boss). Surely if I set it on +7 or +10 m+ to search for, it should show these as a higher ilvl for upgrades, yes?

It looks like right now they’re only showing up in the mythic+ cache search, not in the mythic+ search. I’ll take a look at that. For now you can use the mythic+ cache search to look for the azerite items though.

Oh, I guess you can only get the azerite items from the cache, which is why they aren’t under the mythic+ search!