Preserved Contaminant upgrade providing a four fold DPS loss once purhcased/applied


I actually have been having an issue with using the Preserved Contaminant upgrade finder vs what BiB actually sims after the corruption was purchase/applied. This has happened on my DH as well, but the cost and DPS drop wasn’t significant. In the most recent case, I sim’d my enchancement shaman’s spec with what BiB gives. From there, I ran the Preserved Contaminant for each corruption. It ended up telling me that Expediant was 0.69% increase on my gloves, and that Twisted Appedance 3 would give me a 1.4% (cant remember the exact %) increase on my offhand. I figured since I had been running 3xTA rank 2s that it would essentially replace one of them or two of them for the rank 3.

Once I bought the corruption, and applied it to my offhand. I re-sim’d my BiB and now it’s telling me that I have a 3.7% DPS drop from my previous sim with the new corruption as my main hand on the Warmace and with a Soulrending Claw., and a bunch of other gear swaps to make it work. I forced my Unguent Caress back as a main hand as it’s the only one I wanted to keep. With that, it’s now showing a 4% DPS decrease.

I admit I screwed up one thing by not locking my Unguent Caress in the Upgrade Finder part to let it know I wanted to keep that one regardless of the other potential optons. But, say I was willing to part with it, I would still be down 3.7% DPS with the new corruption on.

Did I do something else wrong, or misunderstand how to use the preserved contaminant upgrade finder?

Edit: I’ve read the other similar posts, and actually posted in one of them. I decided to create my own to post my ID. To avoid confusion of the issue from the others for seperate analysis.

The best way to troubleshoot any potential issue with preserved contaminants would be to generate a snapshot ID from before you bought/applied it, then one after, and then I can compare the optimization results found in both cases.

In your case, the big downgrade percent is because your currently-equipped gear has way too much corruption on it.

The preserved contaminant upgrade finder search does one item at a time: if you were to put this corruption effect on this particular item, it would increase your score by this much (and it handles shuffling around gear to stay under your corruption limit). In your case, you did two separate searches, then added both of those to your gear without moving anything else around, and ended up with far too much corruption.

I hadn’t thought of that! I did re-upload my string after the corruption was applied to generate the new BiB. I never thought it would re-use it that way. I completely understand and see what you mean now. I should have seen that. My bad.

I’m assuming it’s no longer possible to load my old string to do a true comparison?

I’d have to have two Warmaces basically, one without and one with the corruption applied?

I went out and built the original spec with the new spec AMR is suggesting through raidbots. It looks like the new BIB gives exactly 1.61% DPS increase as originally proposed.

In other words, it was my bad for not asking to keep the Unguent Caress as a main hand before simming the Preserved Contaminant. It was also my bad for not noticing that the new string would overwrite the profile and compare it to the wrong set instead of the original I started on. Lesson learned!

Anyways, all this to say, it looks like it’s working as intended after all. I just need to be a bit more attentive when selective my gear set in the Upgrade Finder.

Thanks for all the work @yellowfive!

The current gear situation is so complicated it’s easy to skip/miss something.