Problem with conduits suggesting duplicate conduits

Went to go change some things around for prot paladins and changed it back to using AMR’s default strategy and it is suggesting i use 2 “Golden Path” consecration conduits in my endurance slot. Pretty sure it cant be duplicated in game, unless this new patch allowed it.

Snapshot ID: efd28525d37c477597323781daa79bfa

Was also trying to lock the path to a finesse slot for a speed boost but it keeps going back to endurance and doing the duplicate conduit.

It seems that you have somehow locked the same conduit in two slots. I’ll see if I can figure out how that happened. In the meantime, e.g. blank the endurance slot on tier 4 (right-click it), then press Lock Path, and then Re-Optimize.

Yeah i was able to manually change it and now using a different strategy that doesnt use those. Still curious about the selection for holy paladin conduits i posted about.

One thing im not sure if you noticed, but for your holy paladin talent guides for mythic +, the data has drastically changed from just a little bit ago. normally when you filter down to the 1% it cuts off a lot of choices and you can see the numbers on the side of the talents go to 0 for some…but now its all in the high 30s for all of them even at 1% for mythic plus only…raiding is still normal.

We did not change the talent rankings this week for holy paladins.

Check out the guide for Holy Paladin Mythic Plus. Its the first time i have ever seen all talents for a spec equal since you implemented your new guide page. Even at 1% setting, for mythic plus all of them are green and have really high numbers attached to them.

When i was looking at it last time it was not like that, so something definitely changed. Mind you, the raid setting looks like it usually does when set to low percentage, its just mythic+.

Maybe you never checked Mythic+ then – no changes were made to the rankings this week or last for holy paladins. (I do all of the website updates, and it’s not possible to “accidentally” update those rankings – I do it explicitly when we run new data.)

I’d have to ask our healing theorycrafter if it makes sense for all of the talents to be relatively close for M+ for holy paladins.

I only run mythic + so its all i ever look at. But please have them take a look at that. it doesnt make much sense for it to say it has 32 combos within 1% of best with Lights Hammer for mythic + but only 3 for raiding, cant even get the full usage in mythic plus because you only have 5 people and its made for more. Also all those to have 30’s…but virtue has 0, double beacon has 9, and glimmer has 81, while in raiding glimmer has 0 and double beacon has 3.