Prot Pala Bis list

Honestly I’m not even sure where to start. I’m not sure what your scoring is taking into account to make yalls bis list for prot palas to be wildly different than anywhere else.

Your bis list list is so opposite of icy-veins, wowhead, and when it comes to spellpower I am just not seeing how it could be accurate. Especially when so much of our allure to groups is aoe tanking.

Maybe a toggle to differntiate between single target and multi target tanking would fix the difference because it seems like no matter what if you go all tough, or all dps its only factoring in single target threat.

This will become even more important later down the line with hyjal etc as well.

I dunno just doesnt make sense for me to even use the site as a prot pala tho if aoe tanking is what im more situated to do for raids

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If the only thing people want to do is gear for AoE damage/tanking, we can look at adding a setting for that. Probably a setting for how many targets get hit by Consecration would be all that is needed.


I think that would be a good idea. I am feeling the same way as the op. I want to try out what amr is suggesting to see for myself, but at this stage of the game, i don’t have the gold to lose if i dont get the results and want to go back. Not saying the other bis slots are correct, but they do all appear to be completly different than what amr is suggesting when it comes to spell power and prot palidan.

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