Prot warrior sim not working with 2 covs

When I try to add a second cov (venth in this case) to sim vs my current necrolord cov the sim wont start. It blinks and there is no popup/simming at all. If I select only necrolord it sims just fine. Is this a known bug? I have never had trouble with multi covs on other characters.


My guess would be that the sim. is trying to work with BOTH, rather than do two runs to compare them.

I just ran a test using my own character, and selected a different covenant – it queued up and ran with no issues. There must be something specific about your case. Do you get to a simulation report at all, or does it fail before you get a link to a report?

Are there any javascript errors perhaps, if you check the browser console?

It fails immediately. The screen window blinks but a second window doesn’t open. The amr app doesn’t even recieve data. I’ll check the browser console when I get home today and update.

I figured it out. If I choose the soulbind “inspiring presence” in venth it bugs out and won’t sim. If I create a new sim and never check mark “inspiring presence” it runs fine. Also it changes the text of “inspiring presence” to “[object object] inspiring presence” when I check mark it.

Thanks – I’ll look into that and try to reproduce it and fix it in the next update.