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I’m curious how the BiB will work with the Punchcard. BiS gives an option to pick+choose from the available list, but nothing like that is there for BiB. Is it fully implemented yet or is it still a work in progress like other things?

The punchcard should be fully implemented for Best in Bags. We will find any punchcards in your inventory and consider them as alternatives to the punchcards that you have in the trinket already. We’ll rank all combos available to you, and suggest which punchcards to socket into the trinket.

Then maybe mine is broken. Because in BiB it shows my Punchcard as blank and there is no arrow for customization of the Punchcard. I understand it might not be better then what I have on, but I should be able to look at my Cards and options and see the Rankings given to it like any other piece.

Edit: I just deleted my browser cache to make sure nothing there was messing it up and my AMR add-on is up-to-date as well.

Here is my Export info:

77;US;Zul'jin;Dinum;Sanity Misplaced;1;2;120;53;11:175,13:175,12:175,4:185;1;.s1;4;3211221;0.12.1;.s2;5;;;.q1;158075s2b1576b3356b1b1383;289s1b-4729b3188b11b634b28a278493a1088a-15597a-22a16;350s16b-3871b3206b227e6148;587s6b-3428b3201b227;2s5b-3423b3188b11b633b29a9253a559a-6853a1657a-4616;17s8b-3876b3214b16b208x168641;3s3b-3423b3188b11b635b27a24776a-12820a-8997a-2975a16;135s11b-3866b3202b226b850e-40;3s12b-4278b3201b227e1;6051s15b-3488b286b2978b13x-2;2s10b-3262b3249b14e-172;3s9b-3263b3249b14e34;62s13b-3263b3247b15;12s17b-3277b3264b13e-8;2247s7b-3267b3251b16;836s14x-2;.ess;3_1;4_2;6_1;12_1;13_1;15_1;23_1;25_1;27_1;28_1;.inv;2459;912;0;2847;730;31734;46907;34668;3867;3705b719b795x152692y-1688z-5p3492q-2020q2056q101r-2157r2056r101;535;468b-793;360;4;14;4600;2;1;1;3276b1090b1718b1;552;836;1468;246;1413;47;754;10097;2;1;1;1;0;1;1;0;0;1;0;32;1;5;11;16;0;1;54;37;0;144;63;1;1;561;1;2;39;0;0;0;1242;63;101;5;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;6;1;1;939;796;1552;1599;1;2;265;0;426;230;2;219;1531;54;0;521;568;223;541;398;937;0;0;245;577;279;42;42;82;1;2;39;47;18;0;0;0;478b-2054x16557y1196z-317;7;176;314;133;30;1;1;5;10;70;1;7;1;0;0;2;1;0;13;108;0;12;2;38;106;3;49;1;4;1;90b-15b4392b467;2b-4859b3325;0b-3325b3325;1b-3325b3325;1b-3325b3325;1b-3325b3325;2b-3325b3325;1b-3325b3325;2b-3325b4396b463;0b-4859b3325;1b-3314b3314;50;30;386;114;1;1;117;19;19b1502b12;121;64;91;103;4;1;5;222;72;2;3;1;2;12;1

I loaded your character, ran Best in Bags. It didn’t pick the computation device, so I locked it in and re-optimized. Now, I can click on any socket and see a list of the punchcards you have in your inventory, ranked.

If you would like to see other punchcards ranked that you do not own, use Gear Check or Best in Slot.

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Yes, I see it working now. I did see that it’s also got the wrong iLvl for the Red Punchcard I have.

Cyclotronic Blast. It says 410 on the site, but it’s 415 in-game. It bumps the Punchcard Trinket up to 415 for me, with my 416 Yellow.

It also says the Remote Circuit Bypasser (Blue) is 410, but it’s actually 404.

We “cheat” a little on the punchcards because they are special snowflakes. Once you socket a punchcard, the value of the effect/stats on that punchcard scale to the item level of the trinket, which is essentially an average of the ilvl gain from the red and yellow punchcard you have socketed.

For example, if you socket a 404 red and a 408 yellow, your trinket will be 406, and the effect/stats gained by the red and yellow punchcards will act as if they are ilvl406.

So when we import, we modify any already-socketed punchcards to the item level of the trinket itself so that they will rank correctly. It’s not a perfect solution… since the item level can change a little if you replace one of the punchcards… but it gets pretty close. If you change the punchcards, you can export again and it should adjust.