PvP gear optimization (trinkets and versatility)

Maybe I missed the option somewhere, but I think it would be helpful to have a “PvP” tickbox for “best in bags” that enables the versatility-boosting set bonus from having two PvP trinkets equipped, and recommends gear accordingly. I would expect gear with versatility on it to be more likely to be recommended when this tickbox is ticked.

This option could also force the equipping of a “Gladiator’s Medallions” item if the user owns one (though I guess that could also be achieved by the existing feature of locking the desired trinket manually).

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We can add this to the list of possible future enhancements. Our site isn’t really set up for PvP gear optimization though, all of our models are built around PvE.

You could certainly customize a PvP strategy though – you could lock in the PvP trinkets that you want to use, and then use the customization feature to favor versatility (or any other stat).