Pvp guide would be awsome why not?

im a pvper and i would like some stats for PVP why isnt there any?

We have always focused on PvE content because that is what we know best, and it better lends itself to the type of optimization that we and much of the community do.

Once you get into a PvP situation, there are a lot more variables at play: a lot more movement, team compositions, CC, and so on. All of the simulation-based stuff you see floating around for PvE goes right out the window.

PvP is much more “meta” dominated as well – it matters as much (or more) what styles are currently popular than what is technically “optimal” from a numbers standpoint, even if someone could reliably calculate what is truly “optimal” in PvP, which to my knowledge nobody has done (or is even interested in doing).

I’m sure there are some decent guides out there that can give you good advice for favored PvP stats. That should be good enough to get you to where your stats are not holding you back in a PvP setting.