Pvp item in my bag not present in simulator

Hello !

I have an item called “Sinful Gladiator’s Sineater Blade”. It’s a pvp item i just bough and upgraded to 207 iLvl.
This item is present in my upgrade finder as 0.4% upgrade. So i bought it.

After exporting to the website, the weapon isn’t my the weapon list.

Also it finally not an upgrade so i will probably less it:
Without the weapon
With the weapon

Am i doing somethings wrong ? or is this item actually not recognize during export ?

P.S: f4344f28a57e449f844b6ae8ed1abc80

Just looking at the screenshots, appears to be an agility weapon, and you’re looking at the list on your mistweaver setup, so we prune it out.

Ho yeah as it should be ! T.T

Hum… I got it i think i bought the wrong one thats all !
Thanks !