QoL improvement, button to disable all buffs in sim

As per the title, would it be possible to add a button to the simulation page that would simple disable all buffs, consumables and lust?
Its a little annoying to have to do it manually each time I want to do an unbuffed sim, and would be a nice quality of life improvement :slight_smile:

You can save a setup with all the buffs turned off, and load that setup as a template when you want to do unbuffed simulations.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but saving a sim is for a specific character, and also saves gear/talent setups does it not? Doesn’t seem to be a very optimal way to go around it if I have to save a nobuff profile for every character I’m going to run sims on, and have to update gear after I have loaded the profile?

You can load your saved profile, then change the character to whatever you want – it will keep all relevant settings. You might need to change the boss script to what you want, but you’d probably need to check that anyway before you do a simulation.

It’s not quite as convenient as what you suggest (which we can add to the to-do list), but it’s a decent catch-all for now.