Question on Offset not being negative and some other issues

Im having a hard time getting a good stat weight for my 370 Fury Warrior lately.

It seems like my stats are always all over the place and I cant find something to stick with.

Using AMR twice, ive gotten to different weights (that was expected) but something I’ve noticed for a while is that the offset has never been negative. Not for a while actually. Its tell me to prioritize Haste over anything but now its telling me to make some odd change outs like to Mastery Gems and different Azerite traits. I know this is the nature of Best in Bags but it almost seems unpredictable now. I dont have thresholds turned on which might be the problem.

Additionally, I used Raidbots and its telling me to priotize Mastery WAY over Haste. Like 2.10 Mastery and 1.79 Haste…

For some help, Heres all my data.

64;US;Mal'Ganis;Razørtongue;Shatterspear Offensive;15;2;120;26;13:127,7:142,15:933,12:118,1:165;2;.s1;34;2313221;.s2;35;2122133;.s3;36;1123211;.q1;157932s3b1532b3608a272866a7060a-15964;143s2b-3620b3409b1b6;1343s6b-3394b3244b16b208x154127;6s5b-3468b3244b269a16418a-13444a1660;21s10b-3518b3249b16b207x0;1192s9b-3517b316b2978b13x0;2s7b-3292b3279b14;1s8b-3303b3286b16;3s15b-4757b1450b3294b13;12s14b-3307b316b2978b13x-420;24s16b-3307b3294b13e5963;997s13b-3267b3254b196b146;868s12b-3586b3238b4e-22;4s11b-3252b3251b19b203x420e-2;908s1b-3458b3228b350b11b242a4813a6517a-11332a-4616;.q2;157897s1b1562b3574b245a280407a-16420a4450;67s3b-3819b3578b242a10320a-11820a1659;111s2b-3860b3407b1b6;1050s13;293s6b-3394b3244b16b208x154127;27s10b-3473b3249b16b207x0;7s8b-3457b3231b227;9s12b-3468b3241b225e5939;1175s5b-3531b3298b11b36a11959a-13618a-2975a16;1s9b-3330b316b2978b13x0;2s7b-3292b3279b14;4s15b-4758b1450b3294b13;12s14b-3307b316b2978b13x-420;24s16b-3292b3279b14e24;0s17b-3308b3294b13e1;1869s11b-3267b3251b19b203x420e-25;.q3;157897s1b1562b3574b245a280407a-16420a4450;178s2b-3859b3407b1b6;1050s14;293s6b-3394b3244b16b208x154127;27s10b-3473b3249b16b207x0;218s17b-3482b3256b219;973s5b-3525b3298b11b36a12118a-13618a-2975a16;1s9b-3330b316b2978b13x0;2s7b-3292b3279b14;1s8b-3303b3286b16;3s15b-4757b1450b3294b13;12s13b-3307b316b2978b13x-420;30s16b-3307b3294b13e5962;1859s12b-3257b3238b4e-21;4s11b-3252b3251b19b203x420e-2;905s3b-3473b3593b15a15194a-11489a754;.inv;1015;1236;1153;326;1735;5;1;891;527;59;5236;20;8187;174;361;1;1;1;300;1415;10253;257;72;244;598;3363;151;995;4775;115;159;27527;464;0;0;0;9438;0;5088;0;1073;0;0;0;183;2507;8206;10145;0;819;55;3;2;448;1;975;2701;2;1;417;140;1;1;2592;945v120b5134;31v0b0;663;45;233;4;1;5;1;2;1;8;366;177;6;1269;773;1650;1273;50;0;1;34;146;0;0;7;1;1;1;1;1;1;5;1;1;1;1;0;3;0;312;1;2;5;3218;97;11;68;42;4;405b-4382b732b1b2x137359y185z3292p1484p243p1801q-2038q1925q113r-2048r1856r180;619b-736b737b5b0x11458y-1280z-3p-2047p1868p236q-2050q1874q131r-1986r1855r131;2b-743b729b4b0x-7306y-2418z-1246p-2045p1911p134q-2059q340q3r-331r1856r136;366;1627;2;1299;1476;21;2;1;9;3;6;33;2587;8;1292;469;616;1;49;1022;3;10;40;2;338;1413;47;683;1;207;0;0;0;0;0;0;1085;3031;189;55;2;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;48;488;47;62;215;95;3694;4;749;195;1;0;28;1;1;1;1;1;1;2;11;16;0;1;2;0;52;10;27;0;207;175;1;239;421;2;338;73;2;1;37;1;557;160;1;1;1;1;3;0;0;8;1;1;0;90;1541;1396b79b3576b245;6b-3851b3608a272866a7060a-15964;446;334b-3623b3269b160;48;368;296b-3404b3244b269a16418a-13444a1660;6b-3513b3244b273a11806a-14222a2257;186b-3532b3259b220;47b-3479b3256b219;163;133;94;6;239;0;100;1;1;79;156b-3510b3294b13;3b-3302b3286b16;0b-3292b3279b14;2b-3303b3286b16;45b-3307b3294b13e5962;1b-3307b3294b13e2;19;4;1;2;632;331b-3267b3254b196b146;1b-3596b3254b196b146;226b-5088b1507b3237b198b146;558;1;0;0;2b-3450;54;27b-136b3238b4e-23;13;14;13;452;177;11;0;112;117b-3252b3593b15a10735a-11489a754;3b-3593b3228b350b11b242a4972a6517a-11332a-4616;148;94;2;81;1



Honestly, I dont like Raidbots, I want to stay the course with AMR, I think you guys are onto something good compared to SimC and Raidbots. I just wish I understood the data better and best in bag gearing.

The first question I would ask is why you are using a custom gearing strategy instead of one of our strategies? I’ve been playing my fury warrior quite a bit, and I’ve found the gear suggestions to be pretty stable in that it wants haste and mastery. Unless you are doing something custom like your own rotation or boss, you’ll get better results with our gearing strategies.

That being said - if you just really want to use stat weights instead of our gearing approach, there is a major difference between our stat weight calculations and simc. SimC looks in a very localized region around your current gear. Those weights it makes are telling you what might be good for the next item or two that you get. So, if you have more haste than mastery right now, it might swing in favor of mastery. Our stat weights look at the trend over a wide range of stats to give you a weight that works across a broader range of stats.

If you don’t want to change up your gems/enchants all the time, you can use the gem and enchant threshold option in the optimizer to avoid that while using our gearing strategies.

To answer your first question,

I havent really kept tabs with how your strategies work. Ive seen some posts saying that you guys were working on them but Ive always played the game with the “sim your own strat” perspective. If you guys recommend using AMR this way, Ill humbly oblige.

Secondly, I know Raidbots and SImC are vastly different, and how SimC fails where AMR succeeds. Im a huge defender for you guys. The only reason I ran a sim with them is just to get a different perspective. Its not finite. I was honestly just trying to figure out if I missed something.

My issue seems to be in that I dont use the preloaded gearing strats. Ive been resimming every 10 ilvls or so, just to figure out what my best in bags are. Ive heard that oversimming is a thing (maybe im a little crazy over <1% too). Unless you have more to add or see any other issues, ill just start using the pre built strat.

Sorry bout that!

Yeah, before we had the “adaptive” gearing strategy approach figured out - re-simming every 10 ilvl or so was our recommendation. That kinda… sucks to do though, which is why we came up with the new gearing strategies - which are sort of a ton of pre-simulated strats and then some fancy logic to weave them together.

The current defaults are really the most useful now. They will automatically change as you change talents as well, so the advice is always relevant to your current setup.

I think the entire community has gone sim-crazy. It’s so easy/cheap now to do a LOT of sims that it’s easier for theorycrafters to just tell people to sim their stuff and do what comes out highest. It is our opinion that the best (proper?) use of simulation results has been lost in the shuffle.

This post I made was a pretty good summary of how we think simulation should be used: