Remove Corruption Weight

Hello all!

I was wondering if there was an easy way to not weigh corruption at all when using bib? Due to the corruption vendor, I have an idea of what I want and was hoping to weight the stats of the items to determine what is best. Setting corruption to 1000 just picks the most corrupted piece for the slot. I have also tried setting each specific corruption value to 0 in customize > corruption effects, but I don’t think I am getting desired results as my gear changes if I change the max corruption value (setting it to 0, 39, and 1000 all yield different results).

Thank you!

Even if you say that every corruption effect is worth nothing, changing the amount of allowed corruption will give you a different result because it makes different combinations of items possible. Setting the value of every effect to zero and then putting the corruption max at 1000 should more or less score gear as if none of it is corrupted. If you have an item with 60+ corruption in every slot, some combinations might still be skipped, but that would be pretty rare.

You can also use the Preserved Contaminant search in the Upgrade Finder to get a recommendation of which item to apply a new corruption effect to.