Restoration Shaman - Corruption Max not working

No matter what amount I put, whether 39 or 99 etc. the Best In Bags is resulting with a set-up giving me zero corruption. I’ve adjusted the custom stat weights to try to force the pieces in by bags which are obviously better in stats and ilvl but the Best in Bags still shows me a set-up with zero corruption. It even suggests taking off my 470 ring to put on a Legion legendary ring.

What am i doing wrong?

Use the help link right above the gear table to generate a snapshot id and post it here. With that we can try to help you out with your case. It’s hard to help without seeing all of the specifics.

Thanks for the response.
Here is the snapshot:

You only have 2 slots with corruption items available. The passive corruption resistance you get from your legendary cloak negates all of the corruption your items have.

The legion legendary ring gets chosen because you have created a stat constraint with the custom rules. You have very few items in your bags, so the only way to move closer to the stats you have specified is to take off your ring with a lot of haste (which you have said you do not want) and then use the old ring.

Until you get more gear, I would recommend taking off the custom stat constraint because you don’t have many ways to change your stats right now.

At the time of creating this post, I had already cleansed the other pieces I had. That’s why it looks like I don’t have that much corruption.
I’ll let you know if the problem persists when I get some more corrupted gear back.
Sidenote: I have one of every class and this is the only time I’ve run into this issue.