Results not making sense, not recommending best setup

I did the following

  1. I imported my toon as is
  2. I ran best in bag
  3. I got a recommendation for +0.14% DPS if I swap to a different weapon, and keep all else as is
  4. I wanted to see how much I could get with my current weapon, so I locked in my equipped weapon and ran again
  5. I got a recommendation for +0.62% DPS if I change around other gear but keep the same weapon

This doesn’t make any sense to me. Shouldn’t the result in #5 be the one recommended to me with no slots locked?

Hmm, I can make it even odder.

If I turn on cheap ring + uncommon gem quality, I get the following

  1. Without doing anything else, it says I’m optimized as is
  2. If I then lock my weapon slot to my current weapon (aka, the same setup as #1), it suggests changes for 0.25% dps

Something is definitely odd here.

To the right of BiB is a help button; please use that to generate a snapshot, so that your data can be better analysed to find a solution.

Small issue there, I changed other things since, and with my current setup it’s not occurring.
I’m not sure how to go about causing this to happen again, but I will do what you suggested when it does.

There we go, it’s happening again.

Snapshot: 75965b4fe4f04537bd135b6ec66e7ad7

Clicking optimize tells me to change my weapon and some other gear to get: +1.05% DPS
Locking in my current weapon as is, and clicking optimize gives me a setup to get: +1.13% DPS

First thing I noticed is Waist vs Wrist; recommendations increase Corruption benefits by doubling your Haste gains… suggested Waist replacement is also a source of haste to reinforce this recommendation.

As far as Weapons go, is the heal chance of Geti’ikku worth more (to you) than the secondary stat’s of the Dinobone Mace? Given that the Mace is also a source of Haste, I understand the query, but ultimately recommendations are that - you can take or leave them. Neither is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ and if you feel you would benefit more from the Dinobone Mace you are free to do so.

As I have said before, elsewhere; sites like AMR do not say ‘you must’, just that ‘we think you should’.

When it comes to previously locked slots - as mentioned in your first post - you need to unlock them after a fresh Import, esp. if you know that fresh data is likely to have better options than what you previously had, for whatever reason, locked in… a fresh Import is not intended to - as far as I know - override user locked data for just the reason you locked it in the first place.

I frequently make choices other than what AMR suggests for things like my play style or how my groups need me to work. (And to answer your question, no the heal chance is pretty worthless to me. I image it would be more useful to a DK tank where they’re hitting a lot of the adds that will die, where as in my case, I’d be on one or two, and likely wouldn’t even get a proc before it dies, which is why I chose otherwise whenever AMR suggests that weapon)

That’s not the issue I mean.

I think we’re miscommunication on what my issue is, when I click that optimize button, what it should be doing is presenting me with the setup it believes will maximize my DPS, correct?

That’s where my issue is. It says, with my current setup, “do these things and you’ll get 1.05% more DPS”. Then I say, “Well, I want to keep my weapon, I don’t think the one you suggest will work well for me”, so I lock it and run it again. This time it says “ok, well, if you keep the same weapon, do these things instead, and you’ll get 1.13% more DPS”

That’s where my issue is. I can see no logical reason why when I click optimize the result I get isn’t “Keep your weapon, and change these items and get 1.13% more DPS”, why is it presenting me with a lesser option unless I intervene?

I might be wrong, but my thinking is that the bleed/heal proc. of Geti’ikku is being more strongly weighted than the secondary stat’s of the Dinobone Mace - it looks like it is tied into the Haste working of the Corruption benefit.
Excluding Geti’ikku entirely from the equation, the optimiser is looking to maximise the Haste benefit of your Corruption in other ways, even changing the Helm it suggests:

@yellowfive or @Swol are undoubtedly better qualified to confirm this, so I will bow to their better knowledge if that is the case.

That’s what’s still confusing me.
If it’s weighting that value higher, should that value produce a higher projected DPS increase?

I agree fully that it’s doing two different things depending on if I lock the weapon or not, but when one result is projected higher than the other, I cannot figure out why it presents me with the lesser option when I do not intervene.

Basically the expected outcome here is that it would recommend I keep the Dinobone Mace, and adjust my gear as in the screenshot you took, because that setup provides a higher DPS increase.

The difference between +1.05% and +1.13% is extremely tiny – for all practical purposes the setups are identical, so you can go with whatever you prefer.

What’s happening here is a minor quirk to how the gem/enchant threshold and azerite threshold works. Those features are meant to save some gold when the changes would be too small to really care, but they are actually quite difficult to implement – lots of competing priorities involved.

If you set both to disabled, you’ll see that the optimized setup with no locks works out slightly better.

Once you start locking things… it can change things up a bit when those thresholds are in play, but the resulting solution should be well within the desired target of “not gonna matter either way.”

That makes sense, though a UX suggestion to avoid this confusion from anyone else.
Perhaps a line on the results in these cases that says something like

“Your chosen settings prevent some builds from being selected which may sim slightly higher.”

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