Ret 7.3 Sould of the Highlord

So with Soul of the Highlord lego ring you get the extra talent divine purpose at the same time as crusader, this is not being acounted for in the sim or even the best in bags, I have been an avid user of AMR for 2 years now but now with that ring I cant rely on AMR, will there be a fix for this?

Every sim I do is nowhere close to what real numbers are putting up, with that in mind I have to do in game sims now with all my gear choices.

The Soul ring is working and accounted for in both the simulator and the optimizer.

For example, I just ran a sim on a paladin and equipped the ring:

Here you can clearly see that Divine Purpose is triggering, even though I do not have that talent chosen.

Best in Bags will account for this as well when it scores the ring.

I am very confused then, using the items mr robot is suggesting I am doing less dps than with using the ring, mind you AMR has always been right with gear in the past and recent past, just when this ring comes into play it does not seem to be… I will keep playing with it but so far the best in bags suggestion has been incorrect vs a mix I have done, and as far as the actual DPS I sim at 1.1m in a single run and in game I am doing 1.4m-1.7m

If you post the string of data that you copy from the addon to the website, we can take a look at your case. Also, if you have a recent combat log for e.g. goroth, we can compare it to the simulation.

We are raiding today so I will get those, thanks!