Ret / Holy Paladin Troubleshooting - recommended essences

I am starting this thread to help someone on Twitter (Benni) more thoroughly. His BiB result is showing 2 of the same essence on his Holy spec (Mythic+). I cannot reproduce it and I have had him refresh the page as well as switching to every spec in game and then generating a new string.

He also reported that we are recommended in a ret ‘talent’ in his holy spec, and I suspect that is referring to an AZ trait with holy not as the top priority. Following up on that.

BiB string:

Let me know if I left anything out Benni.


For the essence thing, working on an update (probably sometime today):

For the Light’s Decree trait, it works for Holy spec too, and is good.

Hello, attached the BiB setup for Ret and Holy:


@yellowfive I can’t choose this trait in holy spec. The Ingame Tooltip says it requires the ret Spec to choose this trait.


Change to ret spec, pick the trait, change back to holy – you’ll still get the 5-sec extended duration on Avenging Wrath.