Rogue BiB not using 2 weapons

Just levelled my rogue to 120 and BiB is simply not seeing my other weapons available in my bags.
Snapshot ID: 1ece568240e54cf19437a308cac29d09

I can manually equip a second dagger that is in my bag and BiB advises no changes but still does not show that weapon in the gear list = Snapshot ID: eada876bb80f490daaf5c196f08455e4

I’ve cleared cookies and even tried in a different browser but it seems like the addon is not seeing my bags.
Not having any issues on several other characters.

Just done the Nazjatar opening quests which award a nice dagger and now it is using 2 weapons. Can still not see my other weapons in my bags via BiB though which is still troubling.
Snapshot ID: f56b20bbcec94855adae699382469814

What are your other weapons? If they are inappropriate for your spec, we don’t consider them, e.g. if they have the wrong primary stat.

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Bleached Bone Knife is an Intellect Dagger… thus deemed ‘inappropriate’ for Rogues (no Agility).

@eighjan @yellowfive Doh! I didn’t even think to check if there was agility on them. So glad it was something daft I was doing. Thanks for pointing out my mistake :wink: