Rotation Log Analysis

Is there any work for a simulation that looks through a combat log and based on your rotations that you have figured out tell me where i’m missing the mark or not casting things when i need to? The simulation tells me I should be doing 10k more then i’m doing and I’m curious where I’m missing the mark.

That is actually really hard to do, but if you link a log and a simulation I can probably give you a decent idea.

Currently simulation isn’t based on a boss for the Azshara raid tier. So simulation can be way of due to movement, mechanics and more.

I agree with you because 10k is a lot.

What i do to learn spec is i’m looking into the rotation of AMR and do a series of WA to help me.

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This site is ok for analysing your combat log. Depends on your spec how up to date it is.

I’m just reading this and that’s not a bad idea. Sense this post I’ve switched to healing and being able to see on a macro level would be a nice suggestion on what to do. I know healing is a little bit more of what you think will work the best, versus dps is more of a science. But that’s a good idea. Thanks Sienss

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