Save Information?

Is there a way to save your information? I logged onto my account from another computer and I had to re-look up my char. from the Armory.

Second is…is AMR Addon needed for AMR website? I’ve only been able to find one quick little 45sec video with a brief explanation of how AMR works.

Needing a little help getting started I suppose.

Thanks in advance!

You don’t need the addon, but using the addon to import your character is way more convenient. The Armory does not have Netherlight Crucible information, so you have to enter it manually if you import from the Armory.

When using our addon to import your character, be sure to follow the instructions in the little welcome message when you first use it: you need to activate each spec and open up your artifact weapon UI once for each weapon (the UI where you pick artifact powers). Then you also need to go to the crucible and open it up once for each weapon. You also need to open your bank once. After that, the addon will automatically keep things in sync for you, never have to worry about it again.

The list of recent characters is currently saved in your browser, not on our server. But any changes you make to a character are saved on our server, e.g. filters, options, and so on.

I think I might of missed doing the Netherlight windows. How do I go about re doing everything like as of though I just installed the addon? Also, I thought I had read somewhere that AMR and Pawn work well together? What info do you have in regards to this?

Thank you for your reply! It helped out =)

If you just installed the addon, you would want to open up each of these things once in-game on each character:

  • bank
  • void storage (if you keep gear there that you care about)
  • artifact UI (where you spend artifact power to buy traits)
  • netherlight crucible UI (at the forge thing in the ship)
  • at the netherlight crucible, preview any relics in your inventory that you might want to use

For Pawn, check out our Pawn guide: Pawn Addon Guide