Sephuz's Secret Legendary and Destruction Warlock as BiB

Hi Guys,

So I do BiB for my Warlock and the Sephuz’s Legendary always pops up at the moment. (Gain 10% movement and 2% haste and dispel/interrupt give 70% movement and 25% haste for 10 sec). Now as a Destro Lock I really don’t have an interrupt as my preferred pet is an imp. So the only real thing I get is 2% haste that would affect my dps. The rest is useless. I have more favorable Legendaries like the boots for allowing casting while moving or bracers (20% chance for chaos bolt to hit another enemy, the later is my only destro specific one). How does AMR then rank Legendaries, does it only look at pure raw stats or also the abilities that come with the Legendary?


AMR does simulations and saves the data from the simulations. It will look at both stats and effects of an item and rank them accordingly based on your current gear.

I’m not 100% sure if AMR has movement, so Norgannons forsight might not get ranked accordingly based on effect, but it will still take the stats into effect.

Hey Nemo296,

My Problem is that Sephuz is preferred for my lock at the moment yet the extra 70% movement and 25% haste will never proc, this is because I can not interrupt with an imp and my/destro build requires and imp. Unless its Grimoire of Supremecy. But we mainly profit from imps.


AMR does not have Sephuz using the proc effect. So it’s being ranked without it :slight_smile: If it ranks high, then it’s only using the passive.