Several BiB issues with low-level character

On a whim I decided to used AMR for my lowbie character I hadn’t played in a while - a level 52 shaman. I export from the addon, and AMR tells me to unequip my belt… entirely. Whatever. I try to import the BiB string into the addon, and the addon doesn’t update the corresponding set to match the site’s recommendation, and is therefore unable to equip it. What’s going on here? The site + addon work great for my max level characters, but it seems everything fell apart here.

It should work fine for any level character, though the optimizations are based around math and statistics for max level characters.

If something doesn’t work, it’s usually something that you would never do on a max-level character… like equip a weapon of a sub-optimal type, or armor of the wrong type (cloth vs. leather), or equip an item that doesn’t have your primary stat, etc. We don’t really design the optimizer to handle every case like that… it’s a lot of work for little gain.

If you post your addon export string we can take a closer look at your specific case.