Shadow priest roation

I have a problem when starting the rotation and I have a 1-1.5 second left on my void bolt. Currently I am squeezing a mind flay in there and then spamming void point and most of the time my GCD works out but sometimes it feels like void bolt gets delayed. is it ok to wait the 1-1.5 second to void bolt as soon as possible or should I counting to squeeze the mind flay in?

In general, you don’t want to wait that long to use a Void Bolt. You are better off channeling a mind flay for one GCD and then cancelling it with the Void Bolt.

If you are using the game’s default spell queue settings, you can play optimally by simply using Void Bolt whenever the game lets you queue it up, otherwise do one GCD of something else first. The game lets you queue it up before it is completely ready (up to 300ms by default I think).

so squeeze it in there, how about if VB is like .5-.8 seconds away should I wait then or use the gcd to click MF?

The timings are so tight that you never have to actively decide to “wait”. Just use whatever spell you can right now.

All my tests show that never waiting works just as well as trying to game it. The only time I would actively wait in-game is if I’m almost certain I will drop out of voidform before the end of my current GCD.

You the man I appreciate it mate.