Hello folks.

The folks at SE&L have written a very thorough article about a slight change in Elemental Shaman rotation (

Along with this article is a new APL for SimC, in order to test our characters with it.(

I was wondering if there was any automated way to turn a SimC APL into a AMR APL, in order to make a gearing strategy with this APL.


We do not have an automated way at the moment… it’s actually a bit difficult because certain features don’t translate 1-to-1 between the two simulators.

At some point we’d like some tool that can at least get you partly there, but haven’t had time to write it yet. simc APLs also tend to read more like “computer programs” than rules for a player to use, so we often do a complete rewrite whenever we do translate them to try out in both simulators, make them a bit more “real world” applicable.

I could make an APL that uses earthquake in single target like this. It would be interesting to test.

That would be great. There is a lot of chatter around this in the EleSham community, I bet a lot of us would be interested!

I read that blog post and it’s actually really easy to edit the rotation. All you need to do is add one action:

You can use that to play around with it some.

One thing I’m seeing that is significantly different than what that blog post says… is that I’m getting a DPS gain even with much lower haste and without the specified trinkets.

Awesome then! I’ll run a gearing strategy overnight, see if it gives haste a huge weight or not.

Yeah, I might make make a TC post about this topic since those other folks are basing all their theory on SimC. Just a quick look/comparison and I found two major bugs in SimC for elemental that would affect the results of this particular topic.

As expected, huge increase of haste importance ->

This a good point, as the ST and Multi spec come closer, that makes gearing easier!