Simulation reports additions

I was looking on the simulations report and I was wondering if there was any possibilities (dream) to add few things, it looks already great btw !
At the moment it looks like a damage meter ( ‘Details’ ), I don’t know how hard it will be to make it looks a bit like Warcraft Logs ?

What I mean, it will be great to have a ‘Graph’ option, as we have all the data.

Also for the buffs display, most of the time I have to check logs report to track from when to when each buff is active, may be we could have something like this :

Of course I understand it is easier to say than to do, but as we all comparing comparing WCL reports and sims, it could be nice to have the same kind of options/frontend.

We certainly haven’t ruled out adding more data to the simulation reports.

I think the buff view in particular would be the most interesting for comparing/debugging.

Exactly, the buff view it’s really the one that I was hoping to see ! But I understand that it may be for a really small part of your users.