Simulator not working for Dragonflight?

I don’t see an option on the website to imput the data for simulation anymore. I still see Optimizations and selections for classic/wotlk. I see no button/option to select Simulations anymore and have been using the sims from Raidbots. Did I miss something? is this feature removed now? I play retail LIVE.

That part of the site isn’t being developed at the current time - simulation is too slow for what we need with the huge amount of talent builds possible in dragonflight.

Sorry i have pay one Year for this Addon and Service and now u dont bring up Simulation?
For what i have payed one Year for? Can i have my Money back? Sorry but this is not what i want!

The simulator was always free and never required a subscription to use. For the time being we are discontinuing that part of the website while we focus on refining Dragonflight optimization models.

The optimizer has been our premium service for over a decade now, and has used various methods to produce its results over that time: a combination of calculations, simulations, statistical models, mathematical models, etc. Our free simulator was just one tool that we used to produce input to the optimizer. We are still using parts of it under the hood, and we have used other simulators like simc to get data too over the years.

But the main bulk of our optimizations has always been a mathematical analysis of this data, not direct use of it to get you gear rankings. Simulators are far too slow for that. And with the insane number of talent combinations in Dragonflight… using simulation directly has become completely untenable. Thus we have created a new type of model that we are refining for Dragonflight and beyond.

I think that a lot of people get hung up on the word “simulation” and think it is synonymous with “optimization”. It’s not! In fact, running a handful of simulations to compare a small number of gear choices is a pretty terrible way to “optimize” your gear. That is why we have always created a more robust model that sits on top of or is informed by simulation rather than using simulation directly.

(Very briefly in Legion we tried letting people run their own simulation data and use it directly to rank gear… it was OK… but didn’t work that well. You simply need to run too much data for it to be a practical approach for an individual user.)

You can contact us via email for account-related questions or if you would still like to request a refund, but hopefully that clears things up a bit.

I have write an Email.
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