SL - Improper representation of M+ gear level

If i’m trying to sim the best in slot gear for my character, it’s currently impossible to set 12/12 mythic gear as a source of gear. Currently you can only set mythic gear at Level 15 Vault which is 252 ilvl or Level 15 which is 236 ilvl (9/12), meaning that you cannot actually use 12/12 upgraded mythic gear (246 ilvl) as a source of gear.

A particular example of how this is a problem is when i’m DESELECING Mythic Sanctum as a source of gear, because, as a person is only semi-serious about raiding, i doubt i’ll get any real progress in Mythic raids and therefore it’s impractical for me to take it as a realistic source of items when simulating my best possible gear combination. However, Heroic loot is attainable for me, as is loot attained from M+ which i can then upgrade to 12/12. Heroic Sanctum drops 239 and 246 ilvl items and 12/12 upgraded Mythic+ gear is 246, meaning that a Best in Slot combination of Heroic Sanctum and 12/12 M+ gear would be a healthy combination of the two. This is currently impossible to sim with the website. All i can do is deselect Sanctum Heroic meaning i get a sim that is entirely comprised of M+ loot, or i can select Sanctum Heroic and get a sim that is entirely comprised of Heroic loot, there’s no available way to combine the two as should be the case, which basically leaves me to have to guess what items would be best from each source in my head, which obviously makes AskMrRobot redundant.

This needs to be changed so that when selecting Mythic+ gear as Level 1-15 with a ‘Great Vault’ variant to each level, you should instead select it as Level 1-12 in terms of it’s upgrade status, with no option for a Great Vault for each level (because there is no such thing as Great Vault specific loot unless it is from Level 13-15 mythics), except for the highest ilvl source of M+ gear which is of course the Level 15 vault.

To expand upon what i just said about the Great Vault, there is absolutely no real reason to be able to select Level 1-12 Great Vault loot for example, because there is no such thing as loot that is specifically sourced from the M+ Level 1-12 Great Vault. Using Level 12 as the example, level 12 mythics drop 233 ilvl items. The Great Vault rewards from level 12 mythics are 246 ilvl which is 12/12 upgrade level. This means that Level 12 M+ Great Vault rewards are still attainable via Valor upgrades and are therefore NOT unique to the great vault, unlike Level 13+ Mythic Great Vault rewards which are of an ilvl (over 246) that is ONLY attainable from the Great Vault.

If you want to keep the Great Vault variant option for M+ loot, it should be added as a second option in the Upgrade Finder section, named “Mythic+ Great Vault” or something.

Regardless of how the solution is approached, first and foremost, the fact that you cant select 12/12 upgraded m+ items as a source of loot in the Best in Slot simulation section is a huge oversight preventing any accurate BiS sims at the current time, and so it needs to be fixed.

First things first, when you say, “If i’m trying to sim the best in slot gear for my character,” are you talking about using the Simulator and picking gear to simulate or are you talking about the Best in Slot feature?

I’ll assume you’re talking about BiS, in which case you’ve already worked out how to get 12/12 upgraded ilvl items to show up in those results. It doesn’t really matter what the source is just that the ilvl is the same as what you’re looking for.

We are aware that some of the ilvls in the M+ selection are redundant, but we put it in there because it is convenient. People might want to say “I want to see Best in Slot with gear available from M9 great vault rewards.” It doesn’t matter that it is the same as M14 or M15 end-of-run loot, it’s how people tend to think about it.

We can add an option to do Best in Slot with upgraded M+ gear as well. We didn’t have this feature because last patch there weren’t any ilvls that could not be obtained as direct drops, and also because it’s kind of expensive to upgrade a lot of M+ gear, so nobody asked for it.

It may well be expensive to upgrade a lot of M+ gear but if you upgrade a lot of 10/12 gear to 12/12 it’s well within the boundaries of the Valor cap that we’ll reach by the end of 9.1.