Some items are bugged in BiB

Hey there! thanks for making an amazing site for us noobies who don’t bother min-maxing by ourselves :smile:
So today I was gonna try out my 120 mage. I made some Benthic items and a few Black Empire items as well and threw everything into BiB via the addon. It claimed I couldn’t put any azerite power into my Benthic chest (in BiB it says my neck needs to be rank 16 to unlock the power) but in-game, I can choose one. My fiance has had the same problem a few times, where for example a corruption item has the wrong numbers in the corruption (I’m not sure which item nor corruption but it was something about it dealing X amount of dmg, but the number was about twice as high in AMR than it actually was in-game) so we weren’t sure whether to trust the BiB :frowning:
Just wanted to let you know that there’s a few problems there but otherwise very happy with the website! :smiley:

You can use the help link and post a snapshot of what you are seeing on the website. If you think there is an item not showing the correct stats, give us the specific example and we can fix it up.

If the site doesn’t let you pick the azerite traits, your neck probably doesn’t have a high enough level to use them. There is a quest you have to do that will bump your neck up in level so that you can pick all the traits.