Soulbind optimization for non-dps soulbind ability

I’ve got a setup for Torghast further down my setup list, and at some point had “allow conduit respec” off, so it was suggesting I use Kleia soulbind. This seemed weird, so I checked “allow conduit respec”, and the optimizer wants me to use Forgelite Prime Mikanikos but the only thing it wants me to change is having “regenerating materials” (improving durability on armor) instead of “Resilient Plumage” (fall damage decreased). 2 questions:

  1. it seems weird that this alone would change the priority of soulbinds
  2. i don’t see “regenerating materials” in the list of customizations for soulbind abilities (to set its value to 0 to ignore it)

snapshot id: 00525f9e016044439f4d61f55d14c3be

For soulbind abilities that have no value, it will generally just stick with whatever you currently have chosen in-game. It won’t change the score either way. You can also just ignore those rows and pick what you want.

In this case, if I don’t have allow respec, it’s actually recommending me switch soulbinds because I selected the other one in game. If I allow respec, the only change is that one.

with allow conduit respec off:

with allow conduit respec on:

I still don’t see any problem here. Some of your higher priority setups are using Mikanikos, so if you don’t allow conduit respec, using Kleia comes out slightly ahead. If you do allow it, Mikanikos comes out slightly ahead.

The fact that it’s choosing a different zero-value soulbind trait in that tier is inconsequential. Usually the optimizer will default to leaving whatever you have chosen in-game for that tier. In this case it might be going by whatever was chosen on a higher priority setup, I’d have to check.

The difference in score is from your locked enchants not matching what you have equipped. It should probably outline those in green, I’ll look into that.